Master Classes with Alia Shams

Alia Shams is the mother and the BellyDance master teacher of Amora Shams. When Amora can't teach the BBDC course, Alia takes her place. Alia is more focus into the spiritual and energetic side of BellyDance, and Amora more into the technical side of it. Students learn well with both teachers, but with Amora you will learn quicker as she developped her own way of teaching very technically and in a seepdy way during 15 years before starting to teach the BBDC on year 2008. Alia Shams only teaches when are special orders by Amora Shams BBDC students who want to develop their knowledge further, and they have to come to where ever she is.

Pioneer Belly Dancer in Spain since 1982 and Pioneer Al-Andalus Dancer since 1985 contracting the Al-Andalus Tanger Orquestra to perform with her in high class suarets in Morocco & Spain.

Alia Shams is one of the First Spanish Belly Dancers in Spain. Alia Shams was using in a beginning the artistic name of Sahar Samara.

Alia is a qualified drama teacher, studied ballet, jazz, claket and finally became a professional Flamenco dancer when she discovered the amazing world of Belly Dance. She studied Belly Dancing with two masters teachers:  Adnan, the fundator of the Sufi USA Association from Iraq, and Hassan Afifi, a famous teacher from Cairo, Egypt.

After few years dancing professionally in Egypt and Spain, Alia studied with the 1st Belly Dance School in Spain: Estudio Las Piramides, based in Madrid. Alia's teacher was the director of the school: Shoukry Mohammed.

Alia danced all over Egypt, Spain and Morocco. Alia was considered by the arabs as the Essence of Belly Dance, because she was trully dancing like ancient dancers, from their heart and for the Art. Most of her contemporary bellydancers competence, will try to inmitate Alia, but Real BellyDancing, it can not be inmitated.

Alia started teaching bellydance in Madrid about year 1985, and formed some nowadays famous would wide belly dancers. But she didn't open her own school until 1992, that was the 1st Belly Dance School in Andalucia, south of Spain.

Alia also is known as the Pioneer Andalusi Dancer, she brough form the Conservatory of Tanger the musicians, that after become very famous, to perfom with her in the numerous performances. She also was 1st prize winner by presenting 2 of her 3 theatre-music-dance plays based in Al-andalus times, after feeling emotionated by the poetry investigation she did in the University of Sevilla, Spain. She developed her career into AL-ANDALUS DANCE


Alia Shams Biography

Alia Shams danced when she was a child, though she started as a dramatic actress, qualified by the Spanish Conservatory,  she worked for national and international advance groups. Trained in classical ballet, contemporary, flamenco and other forms of dance. She met the magic of oriental dance through Adnan Sharman, a Sufi master from Iraq. The egyptians bautizied her in 1984 with the artistic name of Sahar Samara, that she used from her beginnings till year 1994 when she changed to Alia Shams.


In Egypt she started to investigate the dance that was practiced in Pharaonic times. Based on this and on her method developed for her belly dance teachings, she’s written "Elemental" and "Anuar al Andalus" that were presented and given a prix together with her group of Arabic musicians and dancers. She’s danced in different countries and places in hotels like "El Minzah" (Tangier), restaurants: Damasco, Aladino, Pharaon, Jan el Jalili, etc. In Arab clubs like Sijilmassa (Casablanca), discotheques, etc.  Also she dances for congresses or popular gatherings on open air stages  like in The Jaimas of Caños de Meca,or in palaces. Her ritual dances with candle on her head have been required by expositions and cultural celebrations like in the pharaonic exposition (Casino de Expositions, Seville).  Alia is unique in creating powerful shows. She bases her dance on classical and traditional Egyptian technique, oriental dance, vibrating with canoon, table solos, nail solos etc and in conquering audiences with their participation on folk songs danced with cymbals or with the stick.


She was a pioner many years ago to dance to "Andalusi Music" during her work in Hotel Minzah (Tanger, Morocco) and when back in Spain she brought it back , after hundreds of years, to European culture through her performances with Orquestra Andalusi of Tanger and started to teach her dance interpretation of this music.

The words of Alia Shams published on the first BellyDancers Magazine in Spanish language "Danza Oriental", has pass to the History of BellyDance, nowadays many BellyDancers share her words Online:

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