Ariya from INDIA-UK

BBDC 2018 edition:

The BBDC student Ariya from India-UK after studying from a famous school in London during 1 year and 6 months, came to Amora Shams because she didn't know how to improvise or choreography, a part that she just knew about 60% of the movements that Amora teaches in the Beginner Level of the BBDC.

While Ariya was studying the BBDC in Egypt from Amora Shams, she got a job offer to work as a licensed BellyDancer in Cairo, but Ariya was still half way through the course, so she wasn't ready yet, never the less, she still has one door open for her in Egypt.

Ariya successfully achieved the Professional Level of the BBDC performing for a large audience of Egyptian families in Luxor, EGYPT, and as soon she arrived to London, she got jobs as a BellyDancer easily, not like before studying the BBDC. Now she knew all what a BellyDancer should know and how to perform for Arabian costumers at Arabian restaurants, weddings, etc. that before she didn't know.

Contact Ariya for more information:

Instagram: ariyabellydance


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