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Prof. Amora Shams is a very creative bellydance instructor, dancer and choreographer, she studied Classical Ballet career as a full time student during 10 years of dance career (1989-1999), but born in a BellyDance family. Her mother was her main influence since early age, as she was one of the first Spanish BellyDancers in Spain.

Amora grew up surrended by the Arabian Culture, musicians and dancers of Spain and Egypt due that her mother, Alia Shams studied and danced in Cairo EGYPT learning from the hands of the famous Egyptian Dance Film Choreographer Hassan Afifi. Before going to Egypt, Alia Shams started in the career of BellyDance with the Sufi Master Teacher Adnan Sharhan, founder of the Sufism in USA.

At the home of Alia and Amora Shams, was a wall with the vintage western BellyDancers as Matahari and others (like these photos below here), so Amora started her BellyDance career on early 1980's getting involved by early 1900's dancers influated by Arab World.

Maybe this is the reason why she is so creative, recieving influences from her mother Alia Shams, the Egyptian Bellydancers of Golden age and the Vintage early 1900's western BellyDancers.

Egyptian Golden Age BellyDancers


Prof. Amora Shams teaches in her courses the Traditional Egyptian BellyDancing Style, which is basicly what they use to dance the Egyptian BellyDancers between 1920's - 1990's. Nowadays the BellyDancers are not dancing as they use to, not even in Egypt. 


Amora teaches each of ther BBDC students to dance in a free and unique way, to help them to develop their own bellydance styles, but respecting the rules of How to BellyDance in a Traditional Way, as they use to do.


If you are planning to study with us, you should first know a bit about us, like the dancing style we teach, watch Amora Shams videos and also the Egyptian Golden Age BellyDancers you should know and watch their videos are:


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