Benefits of Studying with us


* Learn to dance the style of Traditional Classical Egyptian Dance "Golden Age Style"
* You are going to regenerate your Body, Mind and Spirit through your Chakras
* Correcting Your Body Posture
* You lose weight, you will feel toned and fit
* You will develop your self-esteem, full of power and energy
* When you learn through our courses you open the door to success

* You will learn to be discipline

* You will take with you all the knowledge you need to become an excellent Teacher, Choreographer and Performer

* You will learn to dance with all Traditional BellyDance Props: Wings or Capes, Veil, Double Velis, Cymbals / Zills, Cane Saidi Dance,  Sword and Candelabra.

* You will take a large amount of information back with you for the future, scanned homework and notes book created by you during the teachings with Amora Shams, music to start your dance and teaching career, videos of the Golden Age BellyDancers, and a copy of your videos during the course.

Welcome to Become a BellyDancer School          The Old School of BellyDance

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    Location: Marbella (Malaga) & Almunecar (Granada), Spain

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