Become a BellyDancer School provides to BGBDC & BBDC students

who pass their written and practical exams


Private School BellyDance Level Certificates

just after ending the BBDC and BGBDC


International BellyDance Level Certifications

in about 6 months after ending only the BGBDC



Studying the BGBDC you can get 3 International Golden BellyDance Certifications:

Level 1

Beginner Level of Become a BellyDancer School

means that you have learned to do all BellyDance Movements

a BellyDancer should know

Level 2

Intermediate Level of Become a BellyDancer School

means that you have learned all the tools a BellyDancer should know

to be able to Improvise to any Arabian Music in the Traditional Style

plus have learned use the props: Cymbals, Veil and Double-Veils

Level 3

Advance Level of Become a BellyDancer School

means that you have learned all the tools a BellyDancer should know

to be able to Choreograph to any Arabian Music in the Traditional style

plus have learned to use the props: Capes - Wings, Cane - Saidi, Sword & Candelabra  

Teacher Level

Professional Level of Become a BellyDancer School

means that you have learned all the tricks of the trade to explode your dance career to be a successful BellyDancer even winning in BellyDance Competitions if you wish, and this Certificate is given to those students who get Bravo's from their public at the Show Test at the end of the BGBDC

In this Certificate it is stated that the student now is a Qualified BellyDance Teacher, Choreographer and Performer specialist in Golden Era.


Since the beginnings of Amora Shams career on early 1990's


She always  wanted to create a Course which could provide International Certification to her students, due that she will observe that students of her mother and mentor, Alia Shams, will just come for 1 or 2 months to learn a little bite and start performing without completing their studies with them. Amora Shams started to teach in 1993 assisting her mother's intensive courses and classes in the first school in BellyDance of Andalusia, Spain which was located in Seville.


This dream didn't happen until Amora Shams designed the course BBDC, originally known as 60hBDC, a 20 days intensive course to create high quality BellyDancers on year 2008 while she was living in Cairo EGYPT working for the Spanish Embassy as a Graphic Designer, creating two books for the public Egyptian Government system of their High Schools for Egyptian students learning Spanish.


On 2011 the United Nations Dance Department accepted Amora Shams private BellyDance Level Certificates of her Course, and her School passed to be from a private school with Private Level Certificates to an International BellyDance School known as Become a BellyDancer School providing with International BellyDance Certification Levels.

On 2018, after 10 years teaching the BBDC, Amora Shams decided to rename her Formation Course to BGBDC Become a Golden BellyDancer Course, due that some of her BBDC students, after winning BellyDance competitions, becoming famous dancers, teachers and choreographers, they also developed their dance career into the nowadays fashion of been sexy BellyDancers, a fact that Amora Shams hates to admit, due that she is a defender of the respected high class BellyDancers and this is the reason why she created the BBDC, to create a new generation of Golden Era BellyDancers.

And the only way she sees is to do this either by teaching the BGBDC or promoting the old style by her own performances. This is why, from 2018 she has been gradually coming back to perform, after leaving it since year 2012, after seen her body was affected by the car accident she suffered on March 2010 in Marbella, Spain.


Now her dancing style is more pure than never, she never choreographies her performances, normally she improvises to all songs, this is why each of her videos are unique pieces of art and soul.

Welcome to Become a BellyDancer School          The Old School of BellyDance

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© 2008 by Amora Shams & Become a Belly Dancer School 

    Location: Marbella (Malaga) & Almunecar (Granada), Spain

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