All Starting Levels are Welcome but Only Female Students


  1. Contact by email to Amora Shams applying for place and dates where you want to study the course, and if you want to study as group or private student.

  2. Once you get a confirmation by email of her availability, then you must register by filling up, sign, scan, and send back with a copy of your ID or passport the Student Registration Form.

  3. Once Amora Shams get's these documents, she will send you the details for booking her to teach you the course on the place and the dates agreed.

  4. As a private student, you will have to send the 50% of the total fee to book her. You must know that all payments done to Amora Shams are non-refundable. If you book for a far away date, and one month before you see that you can not come for any reason, you must inform her and she will give you a further date. She only teaches serious students who are serious booking her in advance. As a group student, follow the instructions that are published below each poster event.

  5. Once you have the email confirmation that you have booked her course, with the Student Registration Form you sent to her, signed and stump it by her Become a BellyDancer School, then you can start booking your flights, visas and accommodations. She does not provide any invitation letters, therefore you must apply as a Tourist Visa.

  6. If you want Amora to come to collect you from the Airport, you must send to her your flight details.

  7. To start the Course, you need to pay the remaining 50% of your fee.


Included in the Courses  Fees


- Pick-up from Airport (if Amora can't come to pick you up in person, she will send someone who she really trust)
- Each level it's a 15h intensive teaching course + 2h  revision session before the exam + 3h written exam + 1h practical exam + 2h correcting exams + 7h correcting your written homework + 60h for developing all your written and practical homework on your free time + 60h taking you to see things related to the dance field according to your development. A total of 150 hours per level. The final level has an extra day for The Show Test.
- Students studying the BBDC either per levels or the complete course, once the exams are corrected, they will get a private school Level Certificate for the highest level achieved, and International BellyDance Level Certificate will be issued to the student home, in no more than 3 months period (as needs to be send by United Nations Dance Department and takes time).
- 1st year Membership fee to get registered in the international System of Dance Certifications.
- The Show Test expenses are covered in this fee.
- Students get a library of music and dancers videos that they will need to use during the course.

- Extra Workshops with other famous dance & music teachers when the Professional Level is taught in Cairo, Egypt

- Class with Live Musician in Cairo, Egypt

Not included in the Courses  Fees
- Health or Traveling insurance, all students must get their insurance before arriving to Egypt. You are responsible of your own health and safety.
- All students must get a Tourist Visa to come to Egypt, we are not responsible of your visas, so we do not provide with any letters.

- Accommodation. We advise you to get a flat instead of a hotel, so you can have space to rehearse, and in case not many students in the group course, then the course can take place at your flat. Recommended website for renting entire home around the world:

- Transport inside the city or traveling around the country

- If you want Amora Shams to travel with you, you must cover all her expenses, included the touristic visits.

- Your Touristic Visits to Museums and Sites, like Pyramids, Temples, etc. depending on the city. Please note that if you are a current student with your International Student ID, you get a 50% discount on the entrances to the Touristic Sites in Egypt.

- Enjoying the Egyptian Night Life with Shaabi and Baladi parties in Cairo

- Egyptian Dance Shows with live music in Cairo

- Visit to BellyDance Costume Shops & Factories

- Yearly membership from second year after register with the International System of Dance Certifications.
- Drop to the Airport

*All payments done to Amora Shams are non-refundable*


This means that if you book or make full payment, and at some point, you change your mind for any reason, you lose the money, or you also have these solutions:
- Sell your spot to another previous registered female student, you need to find someone who wants to do the course and ask her to register to tell Amora that she will take your place, once Amora accepts her after her registration, then you can sell her the spot, and get refunded from the new student.
- As a Private student, applying at least 45 days in advance, you can ask for transfer the course to a future date, either as a private student or joining a group course. If you choose to join a group course, with the booking fee you already paid to study as a Private Student, you will have covered the Group Fee, so you will not need to pay any extra to join the Group course, but you will have to be flexible to join the group new dates that will be arrenged at least once a year.
What happens if you didn't end the course when you made full payment to study the course?
- if you booked and studied as a Group Student, you can always join again a new Group Course getting a 10% discount of the new Group Fee.
- if you booked and studied as a Private Student, you can always join a Group getting a 50% discount studying complete course and redo all homework as one more student (especially because of refreshing information you could have forgotten over the time). You can also study by Online the remaining sessions on private video-conferences (only for those students who have achieved Intermediate Level or Level 2 International Certification, this is only applicable to use it up to 1 year time to finish these sessions since you left back home).

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