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International BellyDance Certification Levels when studying the Formation Course BGBDC "Become a Golden BellyDancer Course" & Non Certifications when studying the Formation Course: BBDC "Become a BellyDancer Course".


The master teacher Amora Shams, has been teaching BellyDance since 1993 and connected to BellyDance from the 1980's as her mom, Alia Shams, was one of the pioneer BellyDancers of Spain.





Amora is specilized in the Traditional Ancient Egyptian Dance and Golden Era of BellyDancers, and with her Professional Formation Courses she is trying to create an New Generation of Golden BellyDancers, therefore those who come to study from her, no matter their starting level, they need to study as if they were coming as absolute beginners, learning from zero until professional level.

Since 2007, Amora Shams has been dancing and teaching in Egypt, creating a name, appearing several times on the National Egyptian TV. She has recieved emails and comments, from students across the world who have told her, that she is one of the best teachers, and the same hapenned when Amora was teaching and dancing in London on years 2000-05.


Amora is known for teaching a lot in little time, giving to her Course students the Secrets of Ancient Egyptian Dancers. Hard working students learn very quickly from absolute Beginner until Professional Level, when following step by step Amora Shams Course Programs and instructions, providing to their first audience an impressive performance where they normally get bravos, and those who presented to BellyDance Competitions, they also won them.


This is the reason why her Courses are open to study from absolute Beginners who are willing to study hard to achieve a good level at the end of the Course, so all starting levels are welcome. And for those dancers who have been many years in BellyDance but feels that something it's missing, they also need to study from Beginner Level, because the most probably they need to correct their Techniques and study the Old Style of Authentic Traditional BellyDance.



Amora Shams, is based in Spain but once a year goes to Egypt, so when all students who contact her to suty as private students they must specify where they want to study, and once they book, Amora will organise her life around them.


The idea is to be focus in Malaga, Spain to create her Dance Company, and go once a year to Egypt for touring with students who want to have the experience of the land of the Ancient Original BellyDancers, plus see live nowadays shows, live between Egyptians and visit the touristic sites travelling with all type of Egyptian Transportation. The idea is to travel to Egypt by Sept.-Oct. 2020.


If you want to join the Dance Company, you need first have achieved the Professional Level of the BBDC or BGBDC, which it's an exam where students need to convince the public that they have achieved that level. No evaluation by Amora Shams, only by their public (normally Arabian public) and experts in BellyDance, is the them who votes if the student has achieved that level or not. Not all the students who studied these courses and achieved the Professional Level have follow the line of purity, therefore will also be a selection of Dancers who have an open door to this Dance Company. Is not discrimination, is a selection of the most appropiate dancers for the Old Style.


As Groups are very complicated to organise, Amora has decided to teach the formation course to form the Dance School in a 10 weeks program in the City of Malaga, with International Airport, and  Weeks Andalusian Arabian Style part of Spain (Europe).

It is needed that students make their booking to rent the Dance Studio to teach the Course, and as soon the best, for students (save money booking early), and for organising the time-table with the studio. The group course it's planned to be taught from the 13th January until 27th March 2020, but students will meet Amora the day before Sunday 12th January to finalize the payments to start the next day the Course.


Depending on how early the groups are formed, the studio could be in the center of Malaga or in the periferial area, so the soonest students book, the best for everyone. It is needed a min. of 6 students to form a group. Already formed groups who book as a group, they get a 10% discounted fee (min.6).

It is advised for international students not to book their accommodation until the Groups are formed, because if are not formed, then the Course will be still taught but in a more private way, so instead of teaching in a Dance Studio in Malaga City, Amora will rent a country house to teach to teach the program.


And if the Groups are formed on time, Amora can book the teaching times of the Dance Studio, then she will know exact location and will inform the address to those who booked, so they can book their accommodation using Airbnb.com, which is a tustable international Real Estate Agent specialized in short rentals. We do not recommend you to book from any other Real Estate Agent in Spain.

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