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Group Students Course available

in Mexico on November 2019 :

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     The Oriental Dancers training course is only suitable for female students, STARTING FROM ANY LEVEL IN DANCE, no matter the age, only the will!


Book by sending 50% of the cost directly through PayPal:

But if you prefer to send it by bank transfer, do not hesitate to contact Amora Shams by email:

The course will be taught on a private property in the coastal jungle of Veracruz, Mexico from November 2 to 30, 2019. The exact place is specified only to those who have already made the reservation


Private Students Classes and Courses available:

Single Classes

Perfecting, or getting fit, or developing flexibility

€ 100 per hour

5 days Intensive

15 hours in 5 days

without International Certification

€ 1000


60 hours in 20 days

without International Certification

€ 2500

Intensive Weekend

10h in 2 consecutive days Every day two sessions of 2h30min. each

€ 700

6 days Intensive

18 hours in 6 days

with International Certification

€ 1250


72 hours in 28 days

with International Certification

€ 3000

Encourage Amora Shams to develop her projects!


Amora Shams has spent decades dedicated to developing and defending the Traditional style of Oriental Dance, has been teaching in several countries, and all with the desire that BellyDance does not die, because in recent years we have been able to observe how this dance form has degenerated dramatically until it is known as a Sexual or Erotic Dance, when it is not.


Amora is an Architect, but has dedicated her entire life to Dance, making many sacrifices, spending all her money on trips so that her students, even if they are poor, have the opportunity to study from her the Old Style, and every time she teaches a course she is a freelancer, so she pays her taxes and therefore creates lots of extra expenses.


The prices of the courses seem expensive, but they are not, the prices of her courses are cheap in relation to the information provided, the daily intensive training programs, where she dedicates all her time and energ, to each of her private students, to develop a new generation of Golden Age BellyDancers, which will be respected in the world of Oriental Dance, several of her students have won in international competitions of BellyDance and those who have continued dancing after successfully completing the course, have become famous dancers, teachers and choreographers.


The reason for all this, is in order to continue defending her dream of transforming the image of the Oriental Dancers starting with her students even if means to loose a lot of money on her trips, and expanding it to the whole world through the new generation of Dancers.


If you want to collaborate with her dream, by encouraging her, here is a link where you can donate, in order to help her move forward with her Oriental Dance regeneration projects:

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