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BGBDC Become a Golden BellyDancer Course on July 2019

Travel Egypt while you study the BellyDance Course that will change your life forever!

The BGBDC is an extension of the BBDC but more focus into the Golden Era of Egyptian BellyDancers of the black and white movies.

When studying the course travelling around Egypt, you will see the ancient Egypt  drawings on the walls of the temples and the thumbs, of Luxor, you will enjoy the beach time and snorkelling in Hurghada, you will enjoy the pure egyptian life style traveling through the Nile from south to north, and living in the area of the Pyramids of Giza, enjoying the night life of Cairo, faluka disco, going to see bellydance shows, tanoura sufi show, going to meet the shops and factories of the BellyDance costume designers to get special discounts, etc.


During the trip, you will get done different videos and photos that at the end of the course will make a short documentary about the course and her students, of how each one felt and develop during the course. 


This is a unique opportunity to enjoy the pure life of Egypt travelling with an expert in Ancient Pharaohnic & Therapeutic Egyptian Dance.


Those who travel Egypt with Amora, have their accommodation included on the Course fee.

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BBDC Become a BellyDancer Course on August 2019

Enjoy the Summer on the Spanish Coast while you study the BellyDance Course that has made her students become famous performers, choreographers and teachers!



This course is planned to be taught in Marbella, Spain from 5 students until 10 students, but if less students then Amora may change the teaching spot to Almunecar, Spain, both towns separated by 2 hours driving between each other, they have in commune same airport: AGP Malaga International Airport (one hour driving from airport). So it is advised while the course group gets organised, not to book accommodation until its confirmed how many students have booked until the dead line of the 25th June 2019.




Welcome to Become a BellyDancer School          The Old School of BellyDance

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    Location: Marbella (Malaga) & Almunecar (Granada), Spain

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