BBDC Level 1: Beginner Level

level 1 International bellydance certification

Learn to do all the movements a BellyDancer should know and to Teach them properly

Learn the Philosophical reason of why each movement it's done in the way should be done to produce health and regenerate our body.

Learn how the History affected the Egyptian BellyDance Style since it's origins to nowadays

Learn from the most basic movement to the most difficult movements, understanding in a very precise way how your body functions to create high quality movements, and also be able to teach them back to your future students.

BBDC Level 2: intermediate Level

level 2 International bellydance certification

Learn to improvise with tharab as if you were an Egyptian

Learn the relationship between the movements you learned and the musical intruments

Learn to dance to taxims, percussions and balady

Learn to dance with the veils and with cymbals

BBDC Level 3: Advanced Level

level 3 International bellydance certification

Learn to Choreography according to the Traditional Classical Egyptian Dancers

Learn the relationship between movements and music structure

Learn to dance to the different sections of an Arabian song for dancers

Learn to dance with candelabra, sword, wings, double veil and capes

BBDC Professional Level

show test and professional level certifications

Learn to get Bravo's and Win on BellyDance Competitions

Learn the relationship between dancer and the orchestra. Learn to present yourself as a dancer and promote your future

Learn to dance with the cane Saidi Folkloric dance

And workshops with famous Egyptian teachers for Nubian dance, Tanoura dance and special workshop with live musician

Video recorded on September 2011 facing the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, EGYPT. BBDC students performing in this order: Samia, Azin and Zara, just at the end of the course on the event known as

The Show Test where public votes if they achieved or not the Professional Level / Performance Level:

As special request, the show test can be performed in front of Giza pyramids, but students will have to cover the traveling expenses of amora and the organization expenses of the event to take place.


The International Level Certification Progam, it's described in the BBDC program how many hours per level, so you can have an idea of how intensive it is, the UNESCO Dance Department issues the Certification through Amora Shams school only for the successful BBDC students, by booking this course you do not get international certification, you must study hard and pass all the exams to get entitled of the International Certifications. Anyways, during the course it is provided Level Certifications of Amora's "Become a BellyDancer School", and at the end of the course, the highest level you achieved according to your results will be issued to your home address in up to 3 months after the course is over.
The first year of the annual membership Amora Shams covers it, and from there, you decide if you want to keep paying next years membership with them. It's about $50 USD per year when you are a student, or $240 per year as a dance school and director of your dance school.
To be able to teach this program which Amora created, the BBDC, you need a written permission by her to do it. It is in project that soon she will have BBDC students based and teaching a level of the course in different parts of Egypt.


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