Dineshga (Dineska) from SRI LANKA - UK

BGBDC 2019 edition:

The BGBDC student Dineska from Sri Lanka-UK after studying from same school as Ariya which is a famous school in London, and also learned only technique and the choreographies of the other school in 1 year and a half, then is when she came to Amora Shams because she didn't know how to improvise or create her own choreographies, a part that she just knew about 60% of the movements that Amora teaches in the Beginner Level of the BBDC.

Dineska studied with Amora Shams in Marbella, Spain on April 2019, and after achieving Professional Level of the BGBDC by 5 bravos from the Arabian Moroccan Community Public Party in Fuengirola, Spain, with a Certificate written in Arabic given by them to Dineska as a prove of her achievement of Professional Level, the Amora Shams decided to give her a part of her deserved Become a BellyDancer School Certifications and International Certifications, a video clip in honour to her achievements in such a short time, and to help her to be accepted by her father as a respected BellyDancer.

On July 2019 she joined the Group Course of the BGBDC travelling Egypt with Amora Shams. Dineska travelled with Susanne from China and Amora from the Red Sea of Hurghada, Luxor, Qena, Alexandria and Cairo, gathering all the experiences of what is to be living in Egypt, visiting the Ancient BellyDancers Temples in situ, learning the secrets of Pharaonic BellyDance from the hands of Amora Shams, an expert in this Ancient form of Dance. They took taxis, trains, buses, microbus, boat, etc. So now she has the knowledge and the life experience, to start her BellyDance career as a successful BellyDancer.

All Course students take some months to start performing life after their Course, so

is only needed some time to start seen her shine on stage!

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