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Amora Shams teachings are based on her mother and master teacher, Alia Shams, who was a Bellydancer since 1983 and discovered on the 1990's the relationship that all ancient Dances had with the health of women, related to the proper way of doing the movements. Nowadays none BellyDance School teaches these ancient techniques, unless have studied either with Alia Shams or Amora Shams.


Alia started to share her knowledge when she was teaching in Seville by the year 1993, creating the first BellyDance School of Andalusia (Spain) on year 1995. From those times, her first students were female gynecologists, psychologist and doctors in general, and they were from different countries (Germany, USA, Spain, etc.), that after studying from Alia, they started to spreed her words around the world.

Amora grew up between Arab musicians, she was her mom's assistant during many years before she joined Alia's classes, Amora studied Classical Ballet as a full-time student from 1989/99, while she was helping her mom as a dance teacher assistant from 1993, correcting those students who were slower learners. Amora started to teach her first independant classes, at the times that Alia was teaching intensive 20 days courses since 1995 at their School.


Nowadays there are not many BellyDance teachers who transfer to their students the high quality dancing techniques this is the main factor that makes Amora and Alia different teachers from all other bellyDancers.


When the Ancient Egyptian Dance technique it's done properly your body regenerates, instead nowadays these movements are taught by the majority of teachers wrongly creating the opposite reaction on our bodies.

Amora Shams it's more focus in the technique-energetic, and Alia Shams more focus in the energetic-spiritual side of it, but both teachers correct and teach to their students from the first class, to draw the movements in the proper way, always thinking in the cleanning up of the bad techniques. This Millenarium dance was created to be danced as children, not as sexy women (which it's the way has been market on the past 30 years).

Amora and Alia Shams, teach their students to develop their own style of Raks Sharki but obeying the Classical Egyptian Tradition of the rules of Golden Age BellyDancers.

After many years teaching in a very intensive way, specially to private students, Amora developped a teaching technique that even her mom can't achievethe same resoult in such a short time, but of course, it is needed the help of the student to do her daily written and practical homework to achieve a good resoult at the end of the 25 days course. On 2008 she created the BBDC while living in Cairo (in that moment known as 60hBDC "60 hours BellyDance Course"), EGYPT, and since 2011 has international recognition by United Nations Dance Department, so her BBDC students get
International BellyDance Certified Levels.
All the women, after completing the first course "BBDC", feel obliged to do a Belly Dance Revolution and to cleanse it's bad image that in the world included in the Arab World has, and turn it into something sacred, as it was in their Millennial origins.

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