The BBDC is the Course created by Amora Shams when she lived in Egypt in 2008 to create dancers, teachers and choreographers of "Belly Dance" Oriental Dance. In 2015 it began to include more and more movements that were made in the Golden Age of S. XX in Egypt, and that today have been lost, therefore the beginner level of the BBDC where is taught all these movements got more and more complicated, so in 2018 Amora has renamed the BBDC "Become a Belly Dancer Course" in BGBDC " Become a Golden Belly Dancer Course "focused on that time period, which is the traditional way of dancing in Egypt, extending one more week to the original course of one month.

It is recommended to study by Single Levels due to its intensity, but there is also the possibility to study the 3 levels with International Certification in a single month (only private students), and to return in the future to study the Professional level in a week or two, to be examined in front of the public "The Show Test", who are the ones who vote if the student has acquired the Professional Performance Level or not.


Studying as a Private Student
During this period, you will not have one single day as a holiday, you must study every single day:
- The BBDC is taught in 20 days of course (3 hours per day) + 4 for exams + 4 days of rest / revisions
a total of 28 days of course.
- The BGBDC is taught in 20 days of course (3 hours a day) + 5 days of extra course + 4 for exams + 5 days of rest / revisions
a total of 34 days of course.

Prices of Private Student:
- Booking more than 6 months ahead: 3000 euros
- Booking between 6 and 3 months ahead: 3400 euros
- Booking with less than 3 months ahead: 3600 euros


Studying as a Group Student

- The BGBDC is taught in 9 months (8 months in Spain and 1 month in Egypt / Tunisia / Spain). The courses will begin in January 2019.
The course is taught 3 hours per week for those who live nearby (1 hour per session), and for the rest of the students an Intensive Weekend once a Month (12 hours in 2 days Saturday and Sunday, 6 hours each day, morning and afternoon divided by a break for lunch).

Fees for Group Students:

Paying in 5 comfortable installments:

- The first 3 students who sign up will pay only 1500 euros divided into payments of 300 euros each payment.

- From the student number 4 to 9, they will pay 1700 euros divided into payments of 340 euros each payment.

- From the student number 10, will pay 2000 euros divided into payments of 400 euros each payment.


Payments Deadlines:

- First payment: to make the reservation of your spot into the group

- Second payment: before January to begin the Beginner Level

- Third payment: before April to start Intermediate Level

- Fourth payment: before July to begin Advanced Level

- Fifth payment: If you come to Egypt before September to start Professional Level

If you do not come to Egypt, then before November to start Professional Level

All payments must be made before the month that begins, to organize the groups and schedules available to reserve also the room where the course is taught. There is a maximum capacity of 20 students per group.


Where the courses will be taught

According to the number of students in the Marbella group:

- From 2 to 3 students, the course will be taught in the private livingroom of one of them, or at Amora's home in Mijas Costa, for this students must have their own vehicle, or offer their own home, for such use. If the students prefer that the course be given in a dance hall, they will have to pay their extra cost of the rent of the studio, or encourage a 4th student to sign up for the course so that it can be taught in a dance hall.

- From 4 students, the course will be taught in a dance hall, rented expressly for such use.

Bookings are now open, hurry up to save money!


Contact by email to register and make your reservation:

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