Beginner Level * Hurghada

1st - 14th July 2019




What will you learn in this Level:

Developping from the origins of BellyDance, the philosophy, medical, history, styles and learn to do from the most basic movements until most advanced movements. Student gets the tools to be an excellent teacher, teaching properly to their own students. Nowadays BellyDancing Schools have created a new form of Dance, which is not the Traditional BellyDance. Amora Shams teaches her students to dance like queens and respectful stars, but to achieve this quality they must study the original dancing techniques of the Golden Age BellyDancers Era, which it's taught on this level. This is why this course is open to all starting levels female students, because many times it's easier to learn from zero than formating into your head a new form of dance which was incorrect.

Students Accommodation:

Students will stay in a house with views to the turquoise Red Sea, beach, pools, wifi and 24h security compound, in the center of Hurghada, surrended by restaurants, supermarkets, banks, hotels and shops.

Welcome to Become a BellyDancer School          The Old School of BellyDance

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