International BellyDance Certifications

The BBDC since 2018 is known as the BGBDC because is added 1 more week to Beginner Level due to it's intensity (private students can ask to study the complete course in just 4 weeks). This Course was created to produce high quality BellyDance Performers, Choreographers and Teachers according to the Arabian Tradition which nowadays it's lost everywhere worldwide.


Amora Shams is the only teacher in the world who can create Bellydancers in record time such as only one month, this is because since she started to teach in 1993, she developed a teaching technique that goes beyond techniques.


This is why her students achieve incredable results in such a short time, even if they are absolute beginners when they start the course few days ago. Of course the course it's very intensive, and if the students are lazy, there is nothing to do about it. It is a must for the students to do their daily homework to pass all exams of the course and achieve level by level of the course.


Level 1:

Beginner Level

This level is taught in two weeks program, and will teach you to understand your body in detail in the technical side learning from the most basic to the most advanced movements, you will also learn the history, the therapeutical use, the pharaonic dance, dancers styles and focus into the Golden Age BellyDancers, so at the end of this level,  you will be able to teach to anyone how to move in a therapeutic traditional dance style.


Level 2:

Intermediate Level

The level to become an improvising performer to any type of song style but focus into the basement of Traditional Egyptian Dance.


Level 3:

Advance Level

The level to become a great choreographer understanding the music structure, to be able to create innumerable beautiful choreographs with any type of songs.



*  The Professional Level *

This level's not included in the International Certification System because public and experts in Arabian Dance will vote and evaluate the performer at the end of the Course on The Show Test.

This level to build up the tricks of the trade to impress the public that will help you to win in BellyDance Competitions and build you own marketing to get a job as a BellyDancer there wherever you will go or live.


International Certification Annual Membership Fees

Those students who ask for the International BellyDance Certification, they have to pay from 2nd year (1st year it's paid by Amora Shams only when you ask for it), the following Yearly Membership fees according to the level they achieve after studying the BBDC:
- Still students of the BBDC (from Level 1 to 2):  45 US dollars (30 euros) per year
- Completed the BBDC (Level 3) and want to be a Teacher:  80 US dollars (55 euros) per year

- Institutions (if you create your own school after ending the BBDC):  160 US dollars (110 euros) extra per year.


Course to Become a Teacher Certified by the United Nations Dance Department and get the Certificate by Amora Shams to have the rights to teach the BBDC or BGBDC program.

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