Other BBDC students

All type of background female BBDC students from many countries have come to study from Amora this course, for example:

- An Egyptian Psicologist that lives in Canada, Menatella, was the first student who studied the BBDC program on 2008, she actually tried two regular classes with Amora before deciding to contract her to teach her the BBDC. Menatella came from Canada to study with a famous Egyptian teacher, but she liked more Amora's way of teaching as Amora by that mment was a highly experienced teacher during already 15 years of BellyDancing career in Europe. Menatella studied half of the course, and then asked Amora to make a special choreography about the Chakras for her. Years after, Menatella asked Amora to send her the Level Certificates that she provided to her and she lost them, due that she needed for a project she was developping for the city where she lives in Canada to help women with physical abuse from men.

- A Graphic Designer Yukiko from Japan studied the BBDC in Egypt on year 2009, she just did it for herself, she didn't know any Arabiac, English, French or Spanish, so had to communicate through a Translator mashine, Amora was contacted by Yukiko through a World Wide Education Agency,  even so Amora managed to teach her the course,  5 hours per day during 10 days, where Yukiko learned from Absolute Beginner until Advanced level.

- A Chemical Cientific Maricel from Puerto Rico USA while she was living in Egypt, she try to study the BBDC in different ocations, but as the BBDC it's a super intensive course, and as she was working at the same time, it's very difficult to study it, as you need full dedication into the course while doing the course. First she try as a private student on year 2009 were she fail the Beginner level written exam, then as a group student on year 2011 were she pass the Beginner level exams and achieved Intermediate level exams, and nowadays in 2017 she keeps trying to find time to study the course from Amora Shams, because she knows the value of this course that non other teachers in the world teach.

- Ballroom World Champion Jaycee Gosset from USA on year 2010, she got bravos on her 1st live performance the day 21 of the course at a Lebaneese Restaurant in Costa del Sol in Spain, near Marbella. The two owners of the restaurant and the local bellydancer who saty after her show to see Jaycee performance, were shocked that a woman could become a performer in just 21 days intensive course, they were all amazed, and even the local bellydancer called Amora the day after to congratulate her for the work she did with Jaycee.


- Model, Dancer, Actress and Producer Mariel Betancourt who came from Shangai China to study the BBDC in Spain from Amora on year 2010, in that moment she was very young and she didn't know what was going to do with her life. Recently after 7 years, she asked Amora to teach her a Choreography for a movie that she is producing in New York, this is because she studied half of the BBDC program, and as she booked as a private student, she asked to use the reminning hours of the course to learn to do stretchnings to be able to do the Arch and the Gran Dekar as Amora does in her performances, so Amora taught her what she wanted, even so Amora told her that was a bad idea not to learn to do her own choreographies, but Mariel insisted.

- Environmental engenieer Hillarie from USA on year 2011, she studied this course compressed 5 hours per day in 12 days as a private student, just for herself as in that moment she had an Arabian boyfriend, now she is married to a Greek with two kids.

- Samia Morley a Japaneese that lives in Australia married to an Egyptian, studied the BBDC in Egypt on 2011, she studied the course in 21 days program as a private student, and she achieved the Professional Level by her Show Test Egyptian public in Cairo Egypt facing the Pyramids of Giza. Even the sister of Sohair Zaki, Madam Sahar Zaki said she was the best dancer of the Show Test where she shared stage with the group students Zara and Azin that nowadays are very successful performers. Samia went back home to Australia and danced for a while. But nowadays we think she just teaches.

- A mother of two Ania from Poland that lives in Spain, studied the BBDC on year 2013. She managed to do the complete course as a private student in 21 days program. She is nowadays a BellyDance teacher in her area.

- A 65 years old Egyptian student that lives in South Africa, she works in the Pharmaceutic industry, she studied only 20 hours of the BBDC program in Egypt on year 2013, which it's only the 1st level of the course, she did this only for learning to do the movements well so she can teach other students to move properly with clean movements.


- 80 Contries World Traveller Zainab from Egypt living in Austria, came to study the BBDC in Spain on year 2015, she shared the course with Beata from Poland living in Norway. Both developed from Absolute Beginners up to the Professional level. At their Show Test, their public voted that they achieved the Professional level, some comments in their certificates even said that they thought that the two dancers on stage look like as they were performing for years. Both studied this course for themselfs, and Zainab asked not to be shown her recorded performance in public because she dosen't want to be a performer, this is asked frecuently by Arabian or Indian background students.


- An Iraqi living in Dubai, studied the BBDC in Spain on the year 2015, as many Arab women, she studied this course just for herself and to perform in private parties only for women or their family. She was trained in Kung Fu on the Shaolin Temple in China, so she arrived to the BBDC course with raft movements, that slowly Amora modelate them into getting out from her the femenine side that a BellyDancer should have when performing. She started as a Beginner and studied the complete BBDC course in 6-9 hours per day during two weeks. As she didn't do the Show Test, the highest certified level she achieved was the Advance Level Certificate.


- Two Red Cross workers who are from Yemen studied half of the BBDC in Egypt on 2014, just to be teachers of this form of dance back in their country. Two years later one of them asked Amora to teach her the other half of the course in Egypt as for them is hard to travel to Europe, but Amora was busy and she could not come on the times she could travel. We just hope that these two students are well as it has been a War in their country recently.

- An indian student living in Canada studied the BBDC from Amora in 2016, she studied this course to get a certificate in this form of dance, so she could develop a project to help women with problems. On her Show Test her audience wrote on the Show Test Certificate that she acieved the Professional Level, she asked not to be shown  either her videos or her certificates.

There are many more students who studied the course, these are some examples of students that studied the BBDC just for themselfs, not to become performers.

Camille is the last student of the BBDC and she came to Egypt to study from Amora Shams as Amora was there at that moment, due that the student asked Amora to teach her as a private student and she said that she could come either to Spain or to Egypt, and this is how she end up coming to Egypt. She didn't study the course to become a BellyDancer, she just wanted to understand herself as a woman and use BellyDance as a Therapeutical BellyDance Course. This video is her own voice feedback, explanning her experience while she travelled with Amora around Egypt:

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