Become a Golden BellyDancer in Alexandria & Cairo EGYPT

Updated: Jan 27

Course Dates:

From 1st until 30th August 2020 (4 weeks)

Who can Join the Course:

Females of All Starting Levels are Welcome to study this Intensive Course

All Levels are Welcome to study the BGBDC from Beginner Level

As you can figure out is a very intensive program, but don't worry if you struggle during the course, because Amora's speciality is to make sure each student achieves the highest level day by day, guiding you, but she also needs your help to make it happen.

All students who want to achieve the professional level at the end of the course, no matter their starting level, they must work hard every day, no laziness is allowed during the daily training, otherwise it will show up at the end of the course.

And if Amora doesn't see you ready for the Show Test, she will not let you present yourself in front of the public, so you can't get the Professional Level Certificate, you will only have achieved the highest level Certificate during the course. To be able to pass all exams, all students must do their daily written and practical homeworks, if you do not do them, then you will not pass the exams even if you start the course as a professional level student.

So, this course is very intensive and requires full dedication to achieve best result at the end of the course.


First 3 weeks in Alexandria and last week in Giza & Cairo.

Group Course 30 Days Program

-> Between 31st July until 1st August:

Picking up students from Cairo International Airport (CAI) and take them to Cairo Costume Designers to start ordering the costumes specially made for students (normally takes min. 20 to 25 days to make them), or buy them already done at the costume shops, and to get all the equipment for the Course (bellydance belt, veils, cymbals, wings, costumes, cane, sword and candelabra.

-> Between 2nd and 6th August: Beginner Level in Alexandria

-> Day 7th August: Day off to prepare for exams

-> Day 8th: Beginner Level Exams in Alexandria

-> Between 9th and 13th August: Intermediate Level in Alexandria

-> Day 14th August: Day off to prepare for exams

-> Day 15th August: Intermediate Level Exams

-> Between 16th and 20th August: Advance Level in Alexandria

-> Day 21st August: Day off travelling to Cairo

-> Between 22nd and 26th August: Professional Level in Cairo

-> Day 27th August: Day off to prepare the Advance Level exams 

-> Day 28th August: Advance Level Exams in Cairo 

-> Day 29th August: The Show Test facing public

(optional practical exam, only to achieve Professional Level Certificate)

-> Day 30th August: Departure from Cairo Airport (CAI)

You will Learn the following:

This course is the most intensive BellyDance Course you will study in your life, Amora Shams is another type of teacher.

During the course you will learn from the most basic first movements until the most professional and difficult movements in the first 5 days (Beginner Level).

Then you will learn to Dance Traditionally by improvisation to Taxims, Balady and Drums Solo's as an authentic Arabian dancer plus to use the Veil and the Cymbals (Intermediate Level)

Then you will learn to create your own Choreographies and to use all other traditional BellyDance props which belongs to the Folkloric  Egyptian & Turkish Dances such as Turkish Dance of the Sword, Candelabra Dance, Saidi Cane Dance, Dancing with Wings or Capes, Alexandrian Melaya Dance, Nubian Dance will be taught by famous folkloric teacher, Tanoura Dervish Dance famous dancer will teach it, a live musician class, Amora normally brings a drummer, but is up to students what they prefer, maybe this year she will bring a kanoon, a nail or a clarinet player instead, which are more in her line. But is up to the group what they vote. If a large group from 10 students books, then she will organise a master class with all the orchestra and a photo session for all students will be included (Advance to Professional Level). 

Feedback by previous students:

All students who come as absolute beginners do not understand the value of Amora Shams classes or courses, they assume that the way that Amora Shams teaches should be the way that all other BellyDance Teachers do worldwide, instead those who have suffered the other teachers systems are more objective and can evaluate the high level, clarity, deep knowledge not only in the movements but also in the History but the therapeutical side of it, and the total dedication that Amora Shams provides to her students, that it's difficult to find nowadays in any other teacher worldwide, and this is why she gets the feedbacks she gets.

Check them out on this link:

International Certification

Become a BellyDancer School provides during the Course Level Certificates (Beginner, Intermediate, Advance and Professional) to the students who successfully pass their exams, and provides with only One International Level Certification per year (the highest achieved during the course known as Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3) which is send to the student by post up to 3 months after ending the Course.


By sending the 50% in advance of the total fee applies to your booking date and also if you want the accommodation to be included or not, the remaining fee must be completed before the starting to the Course

Booking Procedure:

  • Send an email to applying specifying where and when you want to study the course, and as a Private Student or a Group Student.

  • Download the Student Registration Form from this link:

  • You need to Print the SRF, fill it up, sign it, scan it, and send it back by email with a copy of your ID/ Passport for verification and registration, plus with a recent ID photo.

  • Once Amora Shams verifies you are the person who is applying for the Course, then she will send you the Bank details to proceed with sending the 50% booking fee, to guarantee your course on the dates, and place as published on the website.

  • Once she confirms the arrival of the booking fee, then you will get a copy of your SRF with the stump of the School and Amora Shams signature as a confirmation of the booking procedure.

  • Remember, the total fee must be completed, before the starting of the Course.


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