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Updated: Jan 6

Hello everyone, I just created this window to share my thoughts to my subscribers

I created the Instagram account "@BellyDanceHolidays" on December 2017, to share with the world the Culture, Society, Food and Travelling around Egypt.

With time, I started to share the experiences of other countries, such as Spain, Tunisia, Mexico, Peru, USA. The project ended up been a journal through the experience of what is to be a genuine BellyDancer, not a showing off personality, but someone who has been all the life a BellyDancer with traditional morals, related to Architecture, connected to ancient natural medicine and a Nature protector.

In this Blog I am going to be sharing what is to be a BellyDancer specially in the Egypt, seen under the eyes of a foreigner BellyDancer who has live in Egypt for several years since 2007.

If you want to keep updated on my posts, I invite you to subscribe to my Blog. Is going to be emotionalist at some points, because Egypt is a unique experience everyone should experience at least once in their life time.

I am now based in Spain, and available for teaching private classes or an intensive week during Christmas 2019/20.

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