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Updated: Jan 6

In this list, you can find all kind of suggestions such as movies, books, music, costumes, accessories, healthy diets, etc. Some of these Amora Shams will send it as a homework during the BBDC or BGBDC students, to educate students in a more moral BellyDancers Community, as she calls it "Golden BellyDancers".

-> Grate Movies that can Change the World:

Free Rainer

"Frustrated because he is forced to produce bad TV-shows, a manager of a TV-station enters the station and manipulates the ratings to initiate a TV-revolution."

Get the DVD here:

Belle Verte

"A 150-year-old female alien arrives in Paris to persuade humans to change their way of thinking."

Get the DVD here:

-> Grate Movies for Dance Students:

Save the Last Dance

"Sara loses the zeal for dancing after the sudden death of her mother. However, she meets Derek who helps her battle her trauma and pursue her passion to dance."

Get the DVD here:

Whatever Lola Wants

"Lola is 25 and has a single dream: to become a performer. A friend tells her the story of an Egyptian oriental dancer. Lola decides she has nothing to lose and buys a ticket to Cairo."

Get the DVD here:

Center Stage

" Follow a group of ballet students in the competitive world of professional dance where they must devote themselves to their art with the rigor of Olympic athletes. While experiencing the joys, sorrows and conflicts of youth they vie for a place in a prestigeous ballet company and strive to take center stage. "

Get the DVD here:


" The music, the dancing, the romance, the leg warmers...oh, what a feelin g! Get ready to re-experience all the drama as Alex (Jennife r Beals) br avely fights her way out of the welding gear, off the stripper pole and onto the dance-school floor. Flashdance, the pop- culture phenomenon of the ’80s, is back and fl ashier than ever with brand-new featurettes exp loring the history, the look, the musi c and much more! Academy Award®-w inner for Best Song, “Flashdance–What A Feeling,” it’s the hit film that inspired a generation."

Get the DVD here:

-> Grate Documentaries that can Change the World:

Sex, the Secret Gate to Eden

"Alchemy, Tantra and Kabbalah in the Mysteries of Adam and Eve"

Get the DVD here:

The Revelation of the Pyramids

" Mystery has surrounded these epic structures for centuries with theories varying from the scientific to the bizarre. However with over thirty seven years of in depth research taking in sites from China, Peru, Mexico and Egypt one scientist has as at last managed first to understand and then to prove what lies behind this greatest of archaeological mysteries."

Get the DVD here:


" Thrive is a film which shines a light on the people who are controlling the world’s key industries: power, banking, food, and pharmaceutical. The film also discusses an energy pattern or shape referred to as ‘torus’. "

Get the DVD here:

Law of Attraction

" For the first time in history leading scientists, authors, and philosophers will reveal The Secret, a secret that utterly transformed the lives of those who lived it. Now YOU will know The Secret, and it can change your life forever."

Get the DVD here:

-> Grate Books that can help you a lot:

The Alchemist

" Combining magic, mysticism, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Alchemist has become a modern classic, selling millions of copies around the world and transforming the lives of countless readers across generations."

Get the Book here:

Perfect Matrimony

" The first of seventy books written by the founder of the modern Gnostic Movement, The Perfect Matrimony contains a complete introduction to the profound and beautiful mystical knowledge from which all the world's great religions have blossomed. First published in 1950, this book contains the first public revelation of the esoteric teachings of Alchemy, Tantra, Kabbalah, and the mysteries of the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Tibetans, Eleusians, Essenes, and hundreds more. "

Get the Book here:

The Secret

" Fragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions, in literature, in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries. For the first time, all the pieces of The Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for all who experience it."

Get the Book here:

The Secret Language of Relationships

" The Secret Language of Relationships offers a fascinating look into why we are drawn to certain people. The author divides the year into 48 “weeks,” showing the personality traits for each period. With an amazing 1,176 combinations of personalities, you can better understand any relationship in your life. Beautifully illustrated and designed, the Secret Language series is sure to delight a new generation of astrology enthusiasts and all people who are interested in better understanding themselves and the people around them. "

Get the Book here:

-> Beauty & Grooming . Look Like a Super Star :

Best Toothpaste in the World:

Amora normally gets this toothpaste in Egypt, but even nowadays it's difficult to find. She could not find it any other country, so she shares with you this super special toothpaste that all dentists should recommend it, because helps you with infections, and makes your teeth white very quickly.

Get it here:

Best Shampoo's in the World!

When Amora travels through the world, there are many places where the water is not good with her hair, so in all the years and everywhere she has been travelling, she will only recommend these two shampoos which has treat her hair in a wonderful way, making the hair shine:

1.- South American Shampoo

This first shampoo she discovered in Peru on March 2019, smells deliciously like real honey, leaves your hair shiny and looking beautiful. Make sure you get the one on this link, because they do others with the same name, but Amora tried this one only!

Get it here:

2.- European Shampoo

This other shampoo was recommended to her by the owner of a Gym in Marbella when Amora Shams was teaching in 2010 in their place, the owner of the gym was also a hairdresser, and her daughter's hair was always shiny, so Amora asked her which was the shampoo she was using with her daughter, and she told her this one. Amora recommends also to get the conditioner and hair mask repair.

Here is one offer you can't miss, 3 in one:

Make Your Hair Grow Crazy and Healthy!

In the last years, Amora had students from India and Sri Lanka, which all had amazing hair, and after asking all of them which is their secret to have such amount of hair and in so good quality, she ended up understanding after practising with her own hair, that the mixture of these 4 organic oils, make the hair grow quickly and healthy. Remember to apply the mixture in equal proportions warm over your hair, for at least 1 hour, and 2 to 3 times a week maximum. This are the oils that Amora uses on her hair:

1st Oil:

2nd Oil:

3rd Oil:

4th Oil:

Hair, Skin & Nails - Healthy Vitamins -

And to make it even better, you should always have these vegetarian, gluten free, gummy vitamins for adults on your bag, they are delicious, healthy and when you need some strength you have them near you:

Get them over this link:

Best Hair Curlier in the World!

"The automatic instant curling iron uses ceramic material in the curling chamber; it not only heats in an instant, but also helps protect the hair. By using ceramic materials, these ceramic particles exhale negative ions when heated, and these negative ions neutralize static electricity, which will help to care for the hair and make it healthier. Temperature and time setting - Temp set from 450℃/410℃ /380℃ , time set from 12s, 10s, 8s to create looser waves, soft curls or more defined curls effects. Auto rotating - Automatic rolling the hair in the curl chamber to create different curl hair styles as you want. Built-in timer, auto off and LCD buzzer indicator to inform you when you should loosen the curler, automatically turn off if not used for 60 minutes, LCD adjusts temperature and rotates the power cord so you can enter directly when curling In front of the mirror. Spray Hair Care: A unique spray function that absorbs moisture when curled. When the vapor enters the hair, it causes the keratin structure in the hair to harden, forming a permanent curled shape under the influence of physical and chemical action. Pour water into the hair to protect the hair from damage and make the hair shiny."

Get it in this link:

... more is coming soon ...

Amora will be updating this post once in a while, to offer more recommendations.

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