Travelling Egypt on July 2019: Luxor

We knew was going to be hot, but I could not expect will be that hot weather!

One thing I learned, I will never again go to visit the Touristic Sites after 9am during July or August, my advise is to keep away from those areas during this time of the year.

I got a beautiful 7 bedrooms with private pool villa facing the Nile and Luxor city. All students had their own bedroom, each one had an AC, but every time my students will be ready to leave to go to see the Pharaonic Egyptian Sites where BellyDancers performed in Ancient Times, we ended up going too late, at the middle of the day, when the sun is on the top, we had to suffer 47C. So if you decide to come to Luxor, you should first check the weather.

The only issue of staying in that accommodation where we stayed, is that we had to dress like them, even if it was too obvious that we were foreigners. But according to Egyptian traditions, you have to dress like everyone else, unless you are looking for problems. And in the place where the villa was located was in the edge of a traditional Muslim Upper Egypt village, so this is how students had to dress:


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