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Golden BellyDancers is a Community created by Amora Shams to share her life experiences and recommendations. For years she has been transmitting them to only to some BBDC and all BGBDC students, as part of her teachings to support their dance careers, as BellyDancers growing in morals

"To BellyDance Like a Queen, you need first to behave Like a Queen"

These are her favourite products to create a new generation Era of Golden BellyDancers helping to those who are searching for a deeper understanding on how life works, and specially for building up a Community of BellyDancers with morals which are missing on nowadays performers, specially in Egypt.

Golden BellyDancers is a Community of BellyDancers who follow, behave and perform as 5* dancers

with respectful movements, gestures and costumes.

Clicking on the "Get it !" will take you straight to the stores, where you can buy from them in a save way, and they will send it to you:



Tantrika . The Thread of Life

Amora Shams collaborated in Cairo (Egypt) on the production of this CD with a group of Egyptian musicians, singers and Jackson Flading, an American songwriter, musician and vocalist. This is the first time resiled publicly. You can buy by songs (€1.25) or complete album (€10):


Movies and Documentaries


Whatever Lola Wants

During my Formation Courses, I send my students to watch this movie due that shows how the Egyptian Society is nowadays, and how they see BellyDancers. First time On 2010 a BBDC student wrote on her feedback that I was like the teacher of this movie, teaching "Tarab".


Sex: The Secret Gate to Eden

This a treasure documentary for those who search the meaning of life, and why to dance sexy it's not good for your health and destroys the Belly Dancers reputation. For those who want to become a Golden BellyDancer they should have this DVD at home to watch it every time they need to revise because has lot of deep knowledge.

You can get the DVD on this link:


Ariya a BGBDC 2017 student performs in this movie.

This is a must have to watch movie, for all those who love the Oriental Style costumes.

Also helps to those students who want to develop their potential in life, because on the Tale there is a lot of hidden information.


Beautiful Green

This a treasure movie, all Amora Shams students who have seen this movies fall in love with it.

Everyone should watch it, because this film can change the world.

In actual fact, has been forbidden in Europe and USA since was published.

Is a great present for any friend.

You can get the DVD on different languages on this link:


Getting Started with the Law of Attraction

One of the main issues that students have during the intensive formation courses is the motivation to achieve their dream goal of Professional Level in just one month, starting from absolute beginners specially. These DVD will help you to strengthen your ability to dominate the situation and achieve it !


Free Rainer

This a treasure movie. Everyone should watch it, because this film can change the world.

Is about a revolution of the TV industry to help the people instead of destroying the Society.


You can get the DVD on this link:




The Alchemist

Years ago, Amora Shams first BBDC student from Cairo, Egypt who lives in Canada, known as Menatella, gave her a present of this book on year 2008.

She is a psychologist and helps women who has suffered from men abuse.

I consider this book is a good reference.


Treatise Of Revolutionary Psychology

This a treasure book for those who search the meaning of life, and why to dance sexy it's not good for your mental health, attracting bad energies and dangerous situations to you.

It gives tools to fight against your egos.


So is good for those who want to become a Golden BellyDancer


The Secret

Many students come to Amora Shams searching for questions they have about themselves, and she always recommends them to read this book, which guides you for the change to a better life giving you techniques you will need to create your own future.

Because when you believe in yourself, everything changes in a magical way.

Costumes and Props


A must have for Dance Classes

Years ago, I was performing in a Turkish restaurant in London (UK) next to Victoria station. The brother of owner, was the one who started to sell BellyDance costumes Online as business name "The Turkish Emporium" . I swapped a show for a costume from them which I love it.


All students should have these old fashion

A must have to start your first class is a skirt, and these skirts really makes your femininity grow in high stem, they have in different colours and look beautiful.

These are made in China, so make sure you are getting the correct size. Have a look, you may can't wait to get one!


Isis wings from China

These wings must be from China for the price is sold, normally in Egypt are sold face to face for more expensive. I personally prefer the Egyptians made because they have been many years dedicated to BellyDance, and the materials are better, but if you are searching for cheap, this is it.


Cheap BellyDance Costumes from China

If you are looking to buy a respectful design but not expensive, best it's to come with me to Egypt. 

But if is not possible for you, then this Chinese costume looks decent.


Isis wings from China

Children love this!

Who does not love them?

BellyDance Wings are like coming to stage as a queen, no matter age, just matters will!

You daughter will love to have one of this.



Egyptian Perl Professional Darbuka

Many dancers nowadays perform with Darbuka, going over a darbuka, under my point of view that's just a fashion, but of course is necessary that students learn to make a difference between rhythms, and know how to dance traditionally to the different types of rhythms.


Egyptian Electro Acoustic Deluxe Oud

I must say an oud are difficult to play, but this one sounds very beautiful, now is on fashion in Egypt.

The son of my best friend in Egypt, plays with this oud on Egyptian TV programs.


Professional Electric Turkish Kanun

One of my favorite instruments in the Arabic music is the kanoon that is the one that nowadays everyone uses to do "shimmies" or vibrations. A kanoon is an Arabian Arp. I just found this electronic kanoon online, look how powerful it is:


I will be uploading more links for everyone to get the best of the best on the market, to save you a lot of time and buy what nowadays it's worthed and life changing for many.

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