How did Amora Shams created the BBDC or BGBDC?

The BBDC wasn't created suddenly, at the contrary, was created after many years teaching in a very intensive way to private students.
Amora explains how she created the Course:

I grew up in the Arabian Artist Atmosphere, my mom was one of the pioneer BellyDancers in Spain, I studied Classical Ballet at the Professional Conservatory of Dance as a full-time student during 10 years, and started to work as a BellyDancer since 1993, performing and teaching around Europe, Morocco and Egypt until nowadays.

I was in London from year 2000-2005 while I was studying Architecture BA at University, and I was improving my teaching techniques day by day, always teaching deeply well the tecnique since the first class, so student's could not waste their time learning slowly. My fees weren't cheap, I was charging 3 times more than any other teacher in London, each student was paying 15 GBP per hour in a group where local teacher were charging 5 GBP per hour, but even so I had many students plus private students who learned from me in a structural way class after class. On those moments I was already asking them for written homeworks.


On year 2008, while I was living in Egypt, I created the BBDC "Become Belly Dancer Course", that I developed slowly during many years before, and my studemts say that is the Most Intensive BellyDance Course in the World, getting from students the best result in record time from any other BellyDance course worldwide.

Homework of the London Group student Miki Caves, Amora Shams started to ask her students to do written homewoks on the year 2003, 5 years before creating the BBDC.

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